Missouri Edens

The Eden name is shown as Eden in some Census and Edens in others. Edens is correct.

G. W. Hendricks is spelled as Hendrix on the Marriage License. Believe G. W. Hendricks to be kin to Sarah A. Hendricks, wife of John M. C. Edens, Missouri's father and mother.   George's granddaughter in-law, Florence Hendrix, explained the George couldn't write very well so instead of using the correct spelling, HENDRICKS, he chopped off the end and made his name HENDRIX. His brother Tom still used HENDRICKS.

Ruby Flesher was a neighbor of Missouri and her family when Ruby was a child.  She said Missouri was a wonderful woman, good mother and good cook.  When Ruby was at Missouri's home and was hungrey, Missouri would take a biscuit, butter it then dip it in sugar and give it to her. Missouri's funeral was at the Baptist church at Weston.

Ruby said "The old farmstead house burned in the later 30's or early 40's.  It was a nice 5 room frame house, 2 stories, had 2 rooms up stairs,. The room they stayed in had a big fireplace. They didn't have living rooms then like we do now.  I recall they had two rocking chairs, a machine, bed and on the mantel of the fireplace, a striking clock."