Another Smith Family

Tyler's Quarterly Magazine

In William and Mary Quarterly, old series, accounts are given by the present writer of various Smith families. To these may be added a family of Smithes resident in Hanover county

Various grants were made for land in Hanover counter to one Christopher Smith, merchant, one of these grants dated September 28, 1730, gives to Christopher Smith 600 acres on Snelow's branch of Hollowing Creek in Hanover. This grant state that 400 acres thereof was granted to Charles Snelson, and b William Snelson, his son and devisee, to Christopher Smith, of ssaid county, by deed acknowledged in Hanover county court February 6, 1727. It would appear that Christopher Smith married a daughter of Charles Snelson, and that both emigrated to Virginia. The family statement is that Christopher had a son Charles and a son Ambrose.

The family Bible of Charles Smith, the latter of these, preserved in a branch of the family reads as follows:




In Hanover county, Christopher Smith, merchant, sold to Patterson Pulliam 250 acres on the north side of Pamunkey river, May 6, 1730. In the same records Christopher Smith, of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., gent, sold to James Rallings, of St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania county, 1,000 acres on North Anna river, Spotsylvania county, June 1, 1731.

Of the child of Charles Smith and Dorothea Lewis, Christopher Smith married Catherine Anderson, and had two children, Catherine, who married Frederick Harris, and Nathaniel, who married Miss Callis, and had two sones, William O., who never married, and Charles, who left an only daughter.

John Snelson Smith married his first cousin, Martha Bickerton Lewis, daugther of Benjamin Lewis and Martha Bickerton. They were parents of Benjamin Lewis Smith, who married Ann Harris. Their son, John O. Smith, aged 70 years, lives at Beaver Dam, Hanover county, Virginia. There has been handed down to him a large silver spoon with a crest engraved upon it, a horse's head and neck with bridle on.

Another descendant of Charles Smith and Dorothea Lewis is Mrs. Alice L. Ramey, of Brownwood, Texas. She is a daughter of John Snelson Smith, born in Louisa county, Va., July 29, 1817, died May 27, 1901. He was a son of John Snelson Smith, St. born September 5, 1775; died July 12, 1837, the second son of Charles Smith, and Dorothea Lewis, his wife.

Mr. John O. Smith writes that Charles Smith had a brother, Ambrose, who went South and was, it is supposed, killed by indians.