Lillian A. Edens

The Eden name is shown as Eden in some Census and Edens in others. Unknown which one is correct at this time.

Lensie Dudley Brown (Walter Dudley's daughter):  when questioned about Lilly Dudley, Lensie replied "I was real small but I can remember her red hair."

Hazel wrote, "Grandma Lilly was married to Grandpa Ben Humphries and Myrtle's mother,  Etta Meeks was married to Ben Humphries, Jr.  Aunt Etta and my mother, Lenora Bell Meeks, was sisters so my daddy and Myrtle's daddy was 1/2 brothers.  So that is why Grandma Dudley was at the Humphries place or house.   She & Grandpa Humphries married after her and Grandpa Dudley divorced several years before.  My mother said she married 1, 2, or 3 times before Ben Humphries."   Hazel's daddy was William Monroe Dudley, son of Joel Curtis Dudley.

Lillian was found in the following Census:
     1860 Census, TX, Collin County, PO Weston family 853 page 130, with her father John Eden and Mother Sarah.  She was 5 years old.
     1870 Census, TX, Collin County, PO Weston family 85 page 14, with her father John Eden and Mother, Sarah.  She was 15 years old.
     1880 Census, TX, Collin County, Justices Precinct No. 4, family 71, page 1855/56, with her husband Joel C. Dudley.  She was shown as Lillie A. and was 25 years old.
     1900 Census, OK, Indian Territory, Vol 6 Ed. 125, Family 118 Line 80, shown as Lylie Johnston, age 45, number of years married 25, children born 10, children alive 7, birth date 8-1854.

In 1910, Dayton and Lovie wrote post cards to their mother addressing her as Mrs. Lillie Humphries at Tishamingo, OK.

Unknown at this time if Ben Humphries is the natural child or step child of Lillian Humphries.