Lindsay Lilly Dudley

Lindsay was from Red Bluff, AR and was 22 years of age when she married William Brown.

The following is a summary of the information Lindsay wrote in her letters:

"My daddy's father passed away several years before he (Walter) did. I think he is buried in Madill, OK.  Uncle Will Dudley came to see us in the spring after Daddy and his brother Frank had passed away.  He had been in Arizona.  He had his son, his wife and baby with him.   We didn't have any idea where he was, but when he left that day, he said they would keep in touch with us.  But we have never heard a word from him since."

"Uncle Dayton died several years before my dad."

"I was real small, but I can remember her (Grandma Lilly) red hair. She passed away several years before Grandpa did."

Joel, Walter and Lindsey were Baptists.

" Daddy talked a lot about her (Lovie) a lot.  That was her name.  We came in from school one after noon and Daddy was on the back porch crying.  I asked mother what was wrong.  She said he had ______(I cannot find the rest of the sentence but believe he had found out about Lovie's death.)

"If Uncle Frank had any children, we never knew it.  Daddy was 45 years old and Uncle Frank was 43.  Blood poison killed Daddy and pneumonia, Uncle Frank.  My daddy and Uncle Frank is buried at Hopewell.  My brother is buried at Dallas.  Mother buried here in Ashdown."