Lola Lee Dudley

Lola was from Texarkana, TX and age 20 when she married James.

The following is a summary of the wonderful letters Lola wrote:

"The Wheelock Academy is the Mission and school where Indian children went.  It is where Walter and his brothers went when they first moved to Arkansas.  It is located between Idabel and Broken Bow, OK. at Millerton.  The old iron beds where they slept are still there.  The bell in the bell tower is about 111 years old (in 1994) and still rings loud and clear.  There is a very large kitchen and dining room where they fed them.  There are several buildings, School building, Old Chapel, New Chapel, Dorms for girls when they went there, caretaker's houses, etc. Charlie Jones is Chief of the Choctaw Indian Nation (11counties) and he lives at Broken Bow.  Some of the records were destroyed when the part of the school burned."

"We could be Cherokee but I am almost certain the Dudleys are Choctaw."

The only thing she found out about Joel Dudley on her trips researching at Madill and Tishamingo was that he was buried in the old Madill cemetery.  "Joel was blind and Walter and the other children led him around when they were kids."

1993 -" Do you know anything about Dayton Dudley,  Lennie Dennis, Curtis or Bobby Lee Dudley?  Bobby Lee Dudley should be about 65 or 70 years old now I think.  We had a picture of him when he was small."